Snow in the Holy City Charleston, SC

Wow, This was such a rare site for us! The weekend of Valentine’s Day was supposed to bring hoardes of tourists to our area and always marks the jump start to the tourism industry in the lowcountry. We host the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition – a great family event that brings nearly 40,000 people click here. While the hotels, restaurants and other businesses that rely on the tourism industry suffered great losses of projected income due to cancelled flights and media warnings, the children of the lowcountry (young and old) could not have been more excited! As soon as I opened the front door very early that morning, I heard something that made me smile from ear to ear, uncontrollable laughter and joyous childrens’ voices echoing from all directions. It was a beautiful sound! Many had long dreamed of making a “snow” angel instead of a “sand” angel and although our terrain is quite flat, they somehow found a way to slide down the slightest slope they could find. Small but truly unique snowmen lined our streets and everyone, including parents, helped each other create them while they also participated in a few snow ball fights. My son came flying through the door crying “Mom, mom, I need a carrot, some coal and a black hat!” His only experience with a snowman was the “Frosty” movie. I managed to find a carrot, some extra buttons, and a crocheted hat that were satisfactory to him. They played and played all day, hardly breaking for a snack, much less a meal until they finally gave out at dusk. Sleep came quick and easy. Most of the snow was gone by the next day, and the children were already praying for more, but I’m sure many long-lasting memories were made and many mothers’ hearts were warmed to experience those special moments and the expressions on their childrens’ faces at the wonder of snow in Charleston! Please enjoy a few of our pictures and an amatuer video!

night of the snow

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